What We Do  
What We Do

The Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation has three key initiatives: financial education, professional development, and disaster relief. We achieve success by working with credit unions, volunteers, and organizations within the community. Everything we accomplish stems from our mission to empower people to improve their financial well being. We achieve our goals thanks to the generous support from credit unions, chapters, corporate sponsorships, Community Investment Fund investors, CU Resources, Inc., industry groups and individual donations.

Champion Financial Education

Financial Education Financial Education is at the core of the Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation's mission. Enabling young people and adults to manage their resources and plan for a secure financial future is the driver behind this mission. Basic personal financial understanding and skills literally improves lives!

We believe that financial education is critical to societal stability and feel that we should do our part to develop more competent, capable, and conscience citizens. The reality is we are not born with decision-making skills.  We have to learn them, which means we need individuals willing and knowledgeable to teach these invaluable lessons. To adequately prepare our youth for adulthood and keep adults on top of their finances, we must empower them with the tools, information, and skills necessary to save and invest in their future. The Foundation provides grants and scholarships for programs that promote or implement financial education in schools, community-based organizations, and through credit unions.

Foundation FOCUS is a regional collaborative initiative focused on expanding the reach and making an impact in the lives of preschoolers to adults.  Learn more about the Foundation FOCUS initiative and to view a list of the Foundation’s many educational programs as well as resources to help guide you and others toward financial success.

Promote Professional Development

Professional DevelopmentWe want credit unions to succeed. That's why we support continuous education for employees and volunteers in the credit union movement. We give credit unions an opportunity to take advantage of professional training and education courses, conferences, and professional certification programs.

The Foundation provides scholarships and grants to assist credit union staff in achieving professional excellence. If you are interested in advancing your credit union career, the Cornerstone Credit Union League offers a wide variety of educational opportunites. You can learn more about those opportunities by visiting their website.

Assist Disaster Relief

Disaster ReliefThe Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation is committed to the credit union philosophy of "people helping people." That's why we stand ready to support credit union communities when disaster strikes. Money from the designated disaster relief fund gets distributed directly to those in need so they can stabilize their lives and continue to serve their members.

The Foundation has established a two-phase process when disaster occurs:

  • Phase I emergency grants - provided to credit union employees to assit with immediate disaster relief needs, such as out-of-pocket costs that may result from being evacuated.
  • Phase II grants - intended to assist credit union employees with significant needs. This is implemented only after the distribution of phase one grants.

The Impact of the Foundation and CUAid in Support of Hurricane Harvey Relief