Foundation Events  
Foundation Events

Free Financial Education Webinars

The Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation, in partnership with the CCCS of Greater Dallas, will continue presenting monthly live and free webinars covering a wide array of topics as well as an additional 50 webinars during the month of April to celebrate Financial Literacy Month. Webinars are open to credit unions, community partners, educators, etc. As part of the partnership, CCCS will also customize a webinar for your credit union, including your logo on all slides, you choosing the topic, and making it exclusive to your members.  Please visit to view the webinar schedule. 

Upcoming Events

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10/11/2013 Train the Trainer Amarillo, TX
10/17/2013 Webinar: Interest Rates - Why Should I Care? Online
10/24/2013 Train the Trainer Little Rock, AR
10/29/2013 Webinar: Recession-Proofing Your Finances Online
10/30/2013 Train the Trainer El Paso, TX
11/5/2013 Webinar: Savvy Shopper Online
11/14/2013 Festival of Trees Oklahoma City, OK
11/20/2013 Webinar: Holiday Shopping Without Santa's Budget Online
12/3/2013 Webinar: The Psychology of Debt and Spending Online
12/12/2013 Webinar: Retirement 101: Knowing What You'll Need Online
2/6/2014 - 2/7/2014 FOCUS Summit Dallas, TX
3/11/2014 Webinar: How To Spend Your Tax Refund Online
3/12/2014 Webinar: Building Wealth Online
3/12/2014 Webinar: Vision Quest: Setting Your Goals Online
3/12/2014 Webinar: How Do I Get Out of Debt? Online
3/12/2014 Webinar: Breaking Down Your Budget Online
3/12/2014 Webinar: Conquering Credit Scores & Reports Online
3/12/2014 Webinar: Surviving Financial Crisis Online
3/19/2014 Webinar: Grocery Shopping & Coupon Saavy Online
3/19/2014 Webinar: Getting Ready for Baby Online
3/19/2014 Webinar: Ready to Rent Online
3/19/2014 Webinar: So You Want to be a Homeowner Online
3/19/2014 Webinar: Life After Foreclosure Online
3/24/2014 Webinar: Retirement 101: Knowing What You Will Need Online
3/24/2014 Webinar: How to Spend Your Tax Refund Online
4/30/2014 50 Webinars in April Online
4/30/2014 Train the Trainer Dallas, TX
5/30/2014 Train the Trainer Odessa, TX
6/5/2014 Train the Trainer Oklahoma City, OK
6/27/2014 Train the Trainer Houston, TX
9/3/2014 Golf Tournament San Antonio, TX
9/19/2014 Train the Trainer Austin, TX
10/10/2014 Train the Trainer San Antonio, TX
10/28/2014 Biz Kid$ Informational Webinar Online
11/6/2014 Festival of Trees Oklahoma City, OK
2/5/2015 - 2/6/2015 Focus Summit Dallas, TX
4/24/2015 Train the Trainer Houston, TX
6/15/2015 CDA Informational Webinar Online
9/9/2015 Foundation Golf Tournament San Antonio, TX
10/16/2015 Train the Trainer San Antonio, TX