The Disclosures

The Disclosures

Christopher Morris & Chad Helminak

Christopher Morris and Chad Helminak are musicians with a mission based out of Madison, Wisconsin. Outside of their day jobs, they moonlight as the music duo “The Disclosures” and write songs and perform presentations about the importance of financial literacy and social responsibility.

Since the release of their first album in 2011 entitled “(Hey, We’re) The Disclosures” - comprised of songs that focus on credit union history and philosophy – Christopher and Chad have presented highly-rated education sessions and music performances to credit unions, chapters, trade associations and vendors across the nation.

Their original songs and music videos have earned tens of thousands of views online and more importantly, helped sparked the interests of credit union employees, members and consumers to better understand cooperatives, their history and the important role they continue to play in our economy.

For their current project, The Disclosures have decided to go in a new direction and address a problem that continues to affect almost all consumers – personal finance.

Chad and Christopher work closely with a lot of financial education resources and know first-hand of the need and importance of teaching kids how to responsibly handle their finances. Their latest album – “The Secret to Being Rich,” uses music and humor to introduce lessons about money, savings, responsible spending, and more.


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