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Help Provide Aid to CU Staff and Volunteers Still Recovering from Harvey
Wednesday, November 8, 2017 7:00 AM

The catastrophic disaster that was Hurricane Harvey may now be history, but the damage left in its wake remains an expensive headache for many. The Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation and CUAid have together raised $1,708,428 for disaster relief. To date, the Foundation has issued 1,303 Phase I grants totaling $1,173,005 to credit union employees and volunteers.

“Just like our credit union and other credit unions are there for our members, the Foundation is there for our employees and volunteers, and this was exemplified during Hurricane Harvey," said Shawn Bailey, CEO of AMOCO Federal Credit Union, who donated $25,000 to the relief effort. "Just like other first responders, credit union employees and volunteers were at their credit unions to assist members with their financial needs during this difficult time. The Foundation was also there ensuring that those employees and volunteers who were impacted would receive assistance as well.” 

Now the grant process is entering Phase II; however, the amounts of the individual grants (up to $5,000) will depend on the total disaster relief funds available to those who apply. Simple math tells us that the funds available now for Phase II grants will fall short. That's why the Foundation is asking for your support to help us help credit union staff and volunteers who continue to need assistance for their recovery efforts. Our goal is to raise a minimum of $1 million before Dec. 31 in order to adequately serve Phase II needs.

Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union has been a generous contributor to the Foundation on behalf of credit unions. In response to Hurricane Harvey disaster relief efforts, they donated $50,000, and they have just announced their additional contribution in light of the ongoing financial needs of affected credit unions.

“We understand that while the news cycle has moved on, the impact of Hurricane Harvey is still very much a day-to-day reality for thousands who remain affected," said Catalyst Corporate's CEO Kathy Garner. "Catalyst Corporate was proud to be among the many credit union organizations that made donations to CUAid in the immediate aftermath of the storm. But the work continues, and more contributions are needed to help ease the financial burdens facing credit union members and affected staff. And so, in addition to the initial $50,000 donation, Catalyst Corporate has announced that it is making another $50,000 contribution to CU Aid to help the on-going Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation-directed relief efforts. 

“Catalyst Corporate recognizes that the Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation—supported by contributions to CU Aid—has a long road ahead on its journey to help those hard hit by Harvey," Garner added. "Catalyst Corporate is grateful to be part of this vital demonstration of the people-helping-people philosophy.”

Please help us continue spreading the “people helping people” philosophy by donating to the Harvey Relief Fund.

Thank you for your continued generosity. If you have any questions, please contact Courtney Moran, executive director of the Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation, at or 469-385-6448.