Inside the Foundation  
Grants Committee Approves New Grants
Monday, November 25, 2013 8:00 AM

The Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation’s Grants Committee commits to continuing to empower individuals with their financial wellbeing through financial education, professional development, and disaster relief, including new grants that were approved by the committee in November.

5 Financial Literacy Grants for $5,850
9 General Grants for $21,006
15 Phase 2 Disaster Relief Grants for victims of the Oklahoma tornadoes, totaling $62,000

“Besides the Phase 2 grants, the stand out grant from this meeting was the grant for CCCS of Central Oklahoma,” Foundation Executive Director Courtney Moran says. “The Foundation is proud to partner with another CCCS office, and this grant will make it possible and easier for members of credit unions in Oklahoma to enroll in their Debt Management Plan.”

The grant will cover their one time setup fee and their first month fee, which can range from $15–$35. This is a total of approximately $75 in savings per credit union member, which allows the recipients to apply that much more money to paying down their debt.