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Foundation staffer Paula Upchurch retiring in July
Wednesday, July 10, 2019 2:50 PM

Paula retirement

Pictured from left are Emily Moreno, Foundation grants manager, Caroline Willard, League president/CEO, Paula Upchurch, Foundation financial capability director, Courtney Moran, Foundation executive director, Angie Lutes, Foundation administrative coordinator, Staci Zale, Foundation development director, and Karen Hart, League executive vice president/chief administrative officer and chief financial officer.

Paula Upchurch, financial capability director with the Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation, will retire effective July 11. Upchurch, who previously served as a Cornerstone Credit Union League representative, has been with the organization for more than eight years.

“Paula has an absolute passion for education and credit unions,” said Executive Director Courtney Moran. “We’ve deemed her as the ‘Reality Fair’ queen. We so appreciate her efforts with reality fairs and financial education. You will be missed by your staff family and by our credit unions, and we thank you for all your service.”

Team members honored Upchurch with a retirement party, including cake, ice cream, and comments on her kindness, dedication, and service to credit unions. Upchurch looks forward to spending more time with her grandchildren, travelling, and taking classes.