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Foundation names YP CUDE scholarship winner
Monday, October 14, 2019 3:00 PM

Young professionals (YPs) had a special one-time opportunity to apply for a Credit Union Development Education (CUDE) scholarship as is part of a DE project for Meghan Jamison, member solutions assistant with Tarrant County’s Credit Union.

Meghan Jamison
Meghan Jamison, member solutions assistant with Tarrant County’s Credit Union, shows off the T-shirts she sold to raise money for a YP CUDE scholarship.

Ricky Cabello, organizational trainer with Allegiance Credit Union was awarded the CUDE scholarship. “I am beyond excited to attend the DE Program and am so grateful to Meghan and her hard work because she is allowing me to grow as a young professional in the amazing credit union movement,” said Cabello. “This program will allow me to bring back credit union business principles and philosophy to Allegiance Credit Union and help better my credit union.”

To make this possible, Jamison partnered with the Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation. The winner was selected by a committee of YP DEs that reviewed all of the applications, and unanimously decided on one applicant as its recommendation to the Foundation grants committee.

“The grants committee agreed with the recommendation, and Rickey got the good news,” said Jamison. “I’m thrilled that he was excited to head to Madison in May 2020. I’ll be very interested to hear all about his experience and maybe collaborate on a project in the future!”

Ricky Cabello
Ricky Cabello, organizational trainer with Allegiance Credit Union, was awarded a one-time young professional CUDE scholarship.

The scholarship idea was born from a conversation Jamison had with her peers. After she returned from DE training in April 2018, she was trying to come up with a group DE project for YPs.

“I was struggling to name very many YPs who have the CUDE designation,” said Jamison. “I realized there just weren’t very many. I wanted to help overcome whatever obstacles were in the way of YPs getting the opportunity to go through DE training, and I learned the common theme was the budget dollars. A fundraiser was the apparent solution.”

The decision to raise the money through T-shirt sales was a pretty quick one. Jamison worked with a local company to design and print the tees. “The design is ‘The Onion,’ which is a representation of how the movement is set up to protect the member and a widely known DE symbol. The phrases printed over The Onion are all themes of DE training: ‘Trust The Process, Keep Purpose Constant,’ and of course ‘Best Class Ever.’”

The tees were sold through a strong grassroots effort, including email, word of mouth, events, and social media, raising $3,100. “I reached out to my DE class, the DE network at large, my Crasher Fam [family], and all my friends in the movement. I was granted the opportunity to talk about the fundraiser at a chapter meeting and had fundraiser information published in the YP Newsletter. My credit union, TCCU, hosted a bake sale to help raise funds, and provided a generous donation,” said Jamison.

She added, “Having more DEs is good for the entire movement, and I think people are excited to see more YPs as DEs. No part of this project was done alone. I owe a debt of gratitude to many friends and to my TCCU family!”