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Educational Opportunities

FOCUS “Train the Trainers”

As part of the Foundation FOCUS financial education campaign, the Foundation invites you to attend a free FOCUS “Train the Trainer”, featuring the NEFE High School Financial Planning Program (HSFPP) and BizKid$!  These training sessions are open to credit union staff, teachers, and community partners who are interested in teaching or distributing the NEFE HSFPP and/or BizKid$.  Participants will receive teacher lesson plans, student workbooks, and practical hands on content training.

2015 Train the Trainer Sessions

San Antonio October 16
Oklahoma TBD
Arkansas TBD

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Foundation FOCUS Newsletters

New in 2015: Each Foundation FOCUS member will receive a monthly newsletter. This newsletter will keep you up to date on what the Foundation is working on and how the network can get involved.

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Financial Management Webinars

The Foundation, in partnership with the CCCS of Greater Dallas, present live webinars throughout the year covering a wide array of topics including, but not limited to; Building Wealth, How to Spend Your Tax Refund, How Do I Get Out of Debt?, Savvy Shopper, Conquering Credit Reports and Scores, and Retirement 101.

Dates and topics for these webinars can be found on the CCCS website.

Reality Fairs

Reality Fairs, a REAL Solutions Program, is funded by the Texas Credit Union Foundation. Beginning with classroom instruction, the Fair ends with a fun and exciting simulation of spending & budgeting based on career choices & lifestyle choices. Please contact Paula Upchurch at for more information on hosting a Reality Fair.

Retirement Fairs

The National Credit Union Foundation’s REAL Solutions Program in cooperation with the CUNA Mutual Group has developed a new Retirement Fair to assist credit unions help their member  and staff better prepare for retirement. The fair is designed to have people think more carefully about the type of lifestyle they would like to pursue in retirement and then link it to their financial plan.  Please contact Courtney Moran, Foundation Executive Director, at for more information on hosting a Retirement Fair.

Curricula & Partnerships

The Foundation’s  financial education outreach includes, but not limited to, the promotion and teaching of the following curricula.  The Foundation has collaborated with the following organizations with like missions and visions.                                   

Thrive By Five

CUNA’s Thrive by FiveTM: Teaching Your Preschooler about Spending and Saving!

Money Mammals

The Money Mammals® teach children two and up to "Share & Save & Spend Smart Too!" via several products and programs, including an award-winning DVD, children's picture book and credit union youth savings program.

The Money Mammals characters - Joe the Monkey, Clara J. Camel, Piggs the Bank and Marmoset - have been teaching kids and families to "Share & Save & Spend Smart, Too" for over five years now.

Sammy the Savings Rabbit

Sammy is a larger than life size rabbit whose mission is to encourage kids and their families to

“Get in the Habit” of saving money.Sammy is “Changing Children’s Lives One Dime at a Time” through workbooks, story books, music CDs and personal appearances.

BizKid$ PBS Educational Series

Biz Kid$ is a financial literacy initiative that includes an award winning TV series, free classroom curriculum, outreach activities, a website and a monthly online newsletter targeting children 9 – 16 years old.


FamilyMint’s Money Management Certification Program combines a 60-page step-by-step workbook with a fun online money management application for kids. Certification Program workbooks are designed for grades 5 through 9 (ages 10+).  Online software designed for grades 1 and up (ages 6+) with parental involvement.

Texas Council on Economic Education (TCEE)

The Foundation partnered with the TCEE to produce grades 4 - 6 lessons that directly correlate with the new Kindergarten through grade 8 PFL math personal financial literacy Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.  These standards were adopted in 2012 and will go into effect in the fall of 2014.

NEFE High School Financial Planning Program

NEFE’s High School Financial Planning Program® (HSFPP) is a turnkey financial literacy program specifically focused on basic personal finance skills that are relevant to the lives of pre-teens, teens, and young adults.

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Dallas

The mission of Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Dallas, Inc. is to promote sound financial management among individuals and families. They provide expert financial counseling, comprehensive community education, professional debt management plans, and responsive customer service.

National Endowment for Financial Education

NEFE is the leading nonprofit national foundation dedicated to inspiring empowered financial decision making for individuals and families.  NEFE has a variety of self-help websites and resources that are noncommercial and frequently updated to ensure that they provide credible, reliable information to consumers, from young adults to retirees.