Foundation FOCUS  
Foundation FOCUS

Foundation FOCUS is a regional, collaborative initiative focused on expanding the reach and making an impact in the lives of preschoolers to adults.  Launched in 2010, this unique initiative is led by the Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation in partnership with the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF), allowing the Foundations’ to diversely impact communities of all shapes and sizes from cradle to grave.

Building financially secure futures

Working together to improve the financial well being in their communities, from preschool to adulthood

What is Foundation FOCUS?

The Foundation FOCUS will introduce financial literacy curriculum and offer free trainings on various materials for preschool and elementary children, middle school students, high school students, adults and retirees.

The curriculums teach the basics of money management and assists in creating habits and attitudes about money that will influence them throughout their lives. To adequately prepare our youth for adulthood and keep adults on top of their finances, we must empower them with the tools, information, and skills necessary to save and invest in their future.

Our financial education outreach will include the promotion of Money Mammals, It’s a Habit, Thrive by Five, BizKid$, NEFE, CUNA, Debt in Focus, and Consumer Credit Counseling of Greater Dallas, with emphasis on the teaching of: budgeting, saving, investing, good debt, bad debt, credit, insurance, entrepreneurship, career choices and overall financial planning.

The Foundation FOCUS initiative offers free training for credit union staff, non-profits, educators and volunteers.  A variety of the program materials are free and feature complete lesson plans and instructor’s guides with supplementary materials such as CDs, DVDs, student guides, coloring books, activity books, online games, power point presentations, interactive web-sites for teachers, students, and parents; and performance-based assessments.

Curricula & Partnerships

Educational Programs

Interested in Joining?

The role of a Network member is to assist with the promotion and delivery of curricula ranging from preschool to retirement through internal and external marketing, by training other individuals, and/or through hands-on classroom or individual instruction.

As a Network member, you will receive consistent e-mail updates on financial education including current legislation, special grant opportunities, an invite to join the closed Facebook page for Network members, a special invitation to the two-day FOCUS Summit, and continual opportunities to communicate and collaborate with others in the region who are as passionate as you are about financial education. 

Please view the duties and responsibilities of a FOCUS Network member and select the "Join Now" button. Contact Emily Moreno, CSCUF Grants Manager & Foundation FOCUS Network Liaison, at or (469) 385-6483 if you have questions.

Foundation FOCUS Newsletters

Each Foundation FOCUS member will receive a newsletter quarterly. This newsletter will keep you up to date on what the Foundation is working on and how the network can get involved.