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Foundation Awards 33 CIF Grants Totaling More Than $38K
Wednesday, May 17, 2017 2:40 PM

The Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation’s Community Investment Fund (CIF) Grant’s Committee recently met, approving 33 grants totaling $38,250 to support credit union development.

Arkansas Health Center FCU is one example of how CIF funds can assist with credit union development and growth. The credit union has been located in a small one- or two-room office on campus since 1953 when the credit union was established. They are currently expanding their walls and moving to a larger facility.

“This new space is a fabulous opportunity for the credit union to truly make a presence and serve their members best,” says Emily Moreno, grants manager for the Foundation.

With a new and larger space comes the need for more equipment such as computers, printers, security cameras, phones, etc. Thanks to a grant from the Foundation, Arkansas Health Center FCU will be in a position to purchase some of this much-needed equipment. 

Donna Thomason, president and CEO of Arkansas Health Center FCU, said, “This grant is very essential in purchasing new equipment to be used for implementing new departments and positions within the credit union.”

Thomason continues, “We will now have a large lobby, a drive-thru, and a teller area, as well as several private offices. This will allow for a nicer, more convenient, private, and professional atmosphere for our members to enjoy.”

In addition to the grant given to Arkansas Health Center FCU, the Foundation awarded:

  • Fourteen annual and technical audit grants;
  • Four equipment grants;
  • Four software conversion grants;
  • Four planning session grants;
  • Three Credit Union Development Educator Program grants; and
  • Three grants for other needs, such as remote deposit capture, online banking upgrade, and website upgrade.

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