Inside the Foundation  
Cornerstone Foundation Elects Officers for 2016-17
Thursday, May 5, 2016 1:45 PM

The Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation has announced that its board of trustees has elected the following slate of officers for 2016-17 during its Annual Organizational Meeting:

  • Chris O’Connor, CEO, Randolph-Brooks FCU – Chair
  • David Dykes, CEO, First Family FCU – Vice Chair
  • Art Hornell, CEO, The People's FCU – Treasurer
  • Lorraine Davis, VP Marketing, Diamond Lakes FCU – Secretary

Per the Foundation's bylaws, the board also elected Dick Ensweiler as president of the Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation.  

Cornerstone Executive Director Courtney Moran said, "We look forward to another successful year for the Foundation under the leadership of the new slate of officers, Dick Ensweiler, and our entire board of trustees."