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Cornerstone Foundation Awards $35,723 in Grants during Q3
Friday, November 6, 2015 8:00 AM

Staying true to their key initiatives of financial education, professional development, and disaster relief, the Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation recently awarded $35,723 in grants. These grants include two financial education grants, one Phase II disaster relief grant, and 17 general grants used for such things as credit union training calendars, chapter grants, and Junior Achievement programs.

“As a small credit union, we could not accomplish all that we do without the help of the Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation,” said Melissa Herrington, grant recipient from Garland County Educators FCU. “We were able to use our grant proceeds to cover the cost of invaluable education benefits provided by the Cornerstone Credit Union League.”

The Foundation expects to process more Phase I and II disaster relief grants due to the spring storms and the recent flooding. “We are thankful to be a valued resource for our credit union staff during their time of need when disaster strikes,” said Emily Moreno, foundation grants manager.

Tarrant County’s Credit Union is among one of the financial education grant recipients for their Generation Hope Laptop Program. The program began in 2009, and the purpose is to provide basic and financial education to students at 13 Title I schools in Tarrant County through the use of laptops and a structured curriculum. 

This afterschool program targets low-income and at-risk students beginning in 6th grade, progressing through 8th grade. With a math, science, and financial education focus, the program is designed to educate and enhance a student’s ability to use technology to achieve academic success. 

Tarrant County’s Credit Union, with the help of the Foundation, developed a financial education program using the BizKid$ program that incorporates practical exercises for youth with age-appropriate lessons encouraging savings and financial opportunities.  

The Foundation conducted a hands-on train-the-trainer workshop for educators of the 13 schools participating in the Generation Hope Laptop program. A total of 430 students were able to take advantage of it. The Foundation hopes to see this program continue and leave lasting impressions on young minds as they set paths for their own financial freedom.

Credit unions can learn more about the Foundation’s grants program online via