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Catalyst Offers 5 Extra Basis Points for CIF Investors until June 30
Wednesday, June 13, 2018 7:00 AM

Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union, Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation, and National Credit Union Foundation are partnering to give credit unions a unique social investment opportunity through the Community Investment Fund (CIF).

Catalyst Corporate FCU is offering Cornerstone credit unions five additional basis points on every CIF investment until June 30, 2018.  

How It Works

Credit unions invest in the CIF through Catalyst, in turn receiving 50 percent of the quarterly dividend on their investment. The remaining 50 percent of the return is distributed to the National Credit Union Foundation, half of which (25 percent) the Foundation returns to the Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation. Your investment makes an impact in your region and around the country.

“Catalyst Corporate is very pleased to continue its involvement with the Foundation by promoting the CIF, which was established to give credit unions a unique option for expanding the boundaries of how they support consumers,” said Kathy Garner, president/CEO of Catalyst Corporate. “We are highlighting the availability of securities as an eligible investment vehicle. Alongside share certificates, securities provide credit unions additional flexibility to optimize their Foundation contribution.”

Why Support the CIF?

  • Credit unions earn revenue while giving back to the movement;
  • A range of investment options are available to ensure balance sheet needs are met;
  • Charitable contributions are made from investment returns rather than operating income;
  • It’s easy!

“Even a small slice of a security’s return can make a big difference,” said Garner. “By giving a little, you are supporting a lot, including credit union development, the Foundation’s financial capability grants, Biz Kid$, reality fairs, the Development Education (DE) program, disaster relief, and much more.”

The CIF is a WIN/WIN/WIN investment in your credit union community. To learn more about the CIF and the five extra basis points, contact Staci Zale at To invest, contact Cynthia Shi with Catalyst at 214-703-7860 or