BizKid$ Teacher Training & Entrepreneur Contest  
BizKid$ Teacher Training & Entrepreneur Contest

Based on results from the Teachers’ Background & Capacity to Teach Personal Finance study, 89% of K-12 teachers agree that students should take a financial education course or pass a competency test for high school graduation. However, relatively few teachers believe they are adequately prepared to teach personal finance topics. 

The Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation is continuing their innovative BizKid$ Teacher Training and Entrepreneur Contest for the fourth year. This program, funded by a grant from the National Credit Union Foundation, will provide the opportunity for teachers to receive that personal financial education, in addition to tips and techniques on how to teach the BizKid$ program. 

Participating teachers, with the help of a credit union partner, will implement the Biz Kid$ curriculum in their classrooms, and students will collaboratively create a business plan for a needed organization in their community, thus incorporating the entrepreneurship skills learned through Biz Kid$.

What is BizKid$?

BizKid$ is the credit union-funded public television series that teaches children 9–16 years old about money management and entrepreneurship.  The Foundation has been a supporter of BizKid$ since its inception.

Contest Overview

For contest overview and details, please view the informational webinar.  For questions or interest in participation, please contact Courtney Moran at or 469-385-6448.

Last Year’s Contest Winners

The winning credit union and school partnership from the 2015-2016 school year was WEOKIE Credit Union and its partnering school, Irving Middle School, won for their Cougar Activity Store.

"Working with WEOKIE Credit Union Foundation has been a wonderful real-world experience for the students here at Irving Middle School," said Dana Stroud, the winning Irving Middle School educator. "The BizKid$ Entrepreneur Competition gave our students an opportunity for critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and working creatively. Through trial and error, focus and dedication, their project evolved into something truly impressive and something the students are very proud to be a part of.

The students had fun with their first venture into the world of business. I expect these students will use this adventure and apply it as they continue on with their entrepreneurial endeavors."

"WEOKIE’s Education Team found the BizKid$ Competition to be a high-touch, high-impact program," said Brent Rempe, WEOKIE director of education. "The student participants brought energy and excitement to the credit union, especially on the day of the competition. WEOKIE’s Education Team will work with Irving students to ensure a successful launch of their business plan. We are extremely proud of and excited for the Irving Middle School (Norman Public Schools) team and look forward to seeing the Cougar Activities Store in action.”