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Become a Certified CU Financial Counselor
Tuesday, February 20, 2018 9:10 AM

Are you ready to become a Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor (CCUFC)? Here's your opportunity! Learn the valuable skills and knowledge necessary to assist and empower your members to improve their financial well-being.

  • Acquire skills to help those experiencing financial difficulties
  • Reduce delinquencies and charge-offs
  • Grow product and service revenue
  • Demonstrate the credit union difference
  • Attract new members

This is an enhanced and unique training program for credit union staff that combines the convenience of a self-study program with hands-on group learning. The program begins May 21 and includes live, bi-weekly webinars to help students stay on track with their studies.

An in-person group training and proctored testing session will be held after Part I and Part II of the program.

Group Training and Support

  • Live, bi-weekly webinars are recorded and accessible at any time;
  • Two in-person group training and proctored testing sessions* include review, networking, and sharing of best practices; and
  • Special training and coaching to help participants develop a detailed vision and plan for financial counseling at your CU.

* In-person training sessions and proctored testing will take place in all three Cornerstone-region states IF each state has a minimum of five participants.


Orientation Webinar:  Week of May 21, 2018

In-Person Training and Testing Dates

Part I: Aug. 16 – Little Rock and Oklahoma City
Aug. 17 – Dallas

Part II: Oct. 4 – Little Rock and Oklahoma City
Oct. 5 – Dallas

FiCEP Part I: Guided Self-Study

  • Introduction to Financial Counseling
  • Financial Counseling Essentials
  • Special Issues in Financial Counseling
  • Using Communication Skills During Financial Counseling

FiCEP Part II: Guided Self-Study

  • Taxes, Insurance, and Investments
  • Controlling Living Expenses
  • Money, Attitudes, and Behaviors
  • Retirement and Personal Financial Preparedness

Low Cost!
The Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation has provided funds to reduce program costs.

  • Cost of materials will be determined by number of students registered. Updated materials are available in print or electronic (PDF) versions.
    • 1-20 students = $442 per student
    • 21-35 students = $416 per student
    • 36+ students = $390 per student
  • Students are responsible for the cost of study materials and transportation to and from live group training and testing sessions.
  • If two students share a set of books, the second student pays $100. Sharing is two users to one purchase ratio only.
  • Non-member CUNA credit unions will incur an additional $50 fee.

Want to Participate?

  • To register, visit
  • A $250 fee will be charged to students who do not complete the full program.
  • Deadline to register is Friday, April 20, 2018.

For more information, please contact Staci Kimmel, Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation or 469-385-6447.