Make a Difference

How has the Foundation impacted your life? How have you made an impact?

April is Financial Literacy Month

"Musicians Federal Credit Union is a "Small" credit union that takes care of the musicians belonging to Local 72-147 and their family members. With the economy being what it is, loan applications are few and far between. As a result, the need to cut expenses is at the top of this credit union's list. Thanks to the Community Investment Fund (CIF) Grant Committee approval of the grant request submitted by MFCU for assistance with our Supervisory Audit, we were able to make a dent in our expenses for 2014. Thank you Cornerstone CU Foundation!"

Rose Mathews
Musicians Federal Credit Union


"Gulf Coast Chapter was able to enjoy an amazing professional development speaker at La Brisa in League City. Garrison Wynn delivered an entertaining and very motivating presentation titled Being Best Vs. Being Constantly Chosen. This engaging presentation delivered great tips on success and building trust with members and colleagues. This would not have been possible without The Foundation. We are truly grateful for their support and all they do for our Chapter and the credit union community. Thank you!"

Elizabeth Brantly
Gulf Coast Chapter


"Today's training was fantastic. As CPAs, we are required to have 40 hours of CPE (certified professional education) per year. We've sat through lots of educational and training classes over the years; a good deal of them bordering on plain boring. Today's training was a breath of fresh air. Fun, interesting, informative, educational, active, engaging, and fun! Those are the first words that come to mind when I reflect on what happened in the few hours we spent together today. Thanks for adding to the spark we've ignited in the Austin CPA Chapter to proceed with our Jr. Duel event in the Capitol City."

Janice Keeling
Austin CPA Society


"I am excited about what Resource One Credit Union and my team have accomplished over the years. I owe the Foundation much praise for being a longtime advocate for financial literacy as well. You guys really sealed the deal for me several years ago when I attended the first "Train the Trainer" NEFE training. Just look at the movement now in Texas... something the Foundation staff should really be proud of hanging your hat on."

Phillp Crocker
Training Manager, CCUFC
Resource One CU


"Courtney, Staci, and Ashley, congratulations on a super annual report and year of accomplishments! It almost brought tears to these old eyes. Great job of caring and making a difference. The best to you both and the Foundation!"

Curtis Collins
Board Member


"The Foundation FOCUS training was fantastic! My volunteers learned so much! I mentioned we are starting a Money Volunteer program, along with Tarrant County Credit Union, and this training was perfect! I haven't told you lately how much I appreciate all that the Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation does for us!! We don't tell our friends enough that they mean so much to our success on the county level - so THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

Margaret A. Jover, Ph.D.
County Extension Agent
Family & Consumer Sciences
Denton County AgriLife Extension Service


"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed and took away from the Foundation FOCUS training in January. There was so much useful information available and you, Staci, and Laura did an amazing job (as usual) presenting it to us. What more can I say, I'm ready for the next seminar. Again, thank you all for what you do to help not only our credit union, but all credit unions across the state. I would like to say that I feel special, but I know that there are numerous beneficiaries of the services you provide! Again, thank you for having NMZCU in attendance."

Jamaal D. Robinson
Operations Administrator/BSA Compliance Officer
New Mount Zion Credit Union